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Talking to Brenda Song
    Brenda Song talks to Teenmag.

Ask Tokio Hotel a Question!

    The best movie you've never heard of...

Watch This Face: Amanda Michalka
    Teenmag's interview with AJ & Aly's Amanda Michalka.

Getting to Know: Vanessa Hudgens
(The FIRST Interview Teenmag Did with Her)

    "High School Musical" star Vanessa Hudgens talks to Teenmag.

TEEN TALKS TO: Sophia Bush Pages: 2

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Getting to Know: Emily Osment
    Interview with Hannah Montana's Emily Osment

Hudgens, Vanessa
    Vanessa's best pals are Ashley Tisdale and Miley Cyrus.

Teen Talks to: Sara Paxton
    Sara Paxton talks to about her new Lifetime movie, The Party Never Stops.

Getting to Know: Max Thieriot
    Max Thieriot stars in the "Astronaut Farmer" and in the Nancy Drew movie opposite Emma Roberts

Daily Buzz 3/26/07
    Britney rushed to the dentist with tooth pain

Daily Buzz 3/21/07
    Did you miss the stage version of HSM? Now's your chance to see it!"High School Musical: The Concert," a thrilling special from on stage and behind-the-scenes of the sold-out arena concert tour, premieres Friday, May 4 on Disney Channel!

Daily Buzz 3/20/07
    Hilary Duff talks about the pressure from the media to lose weight.

Showbiz Buzz 3/19/07 Pages: 2 3

Daily Buzz 3/18/07
    Leonardo DiCaprio and his Israeli supermodel girlfriend involved in a squirmish in Jerusalem.

Daily Buzz 3/23/07
    Are Ashton and Demi expecting a baby? You be the judge.

Teen Talks To: Margaret Kerry, a.k.a. Tinker Bell
    Meet margaret kerry, the real woman behind Tinker Bell

Daily Buzz 3/15/07
    Angelina heads home from Vietnam with a new kid in tow, Lindsay apparently ran over a papparazzo, Brandon gets the "Idol" boot and more...

Daily Buzz 3/14/07
    "Disney's High School Musical: The Ice Tour" will open August 31 in Lakeland, Fla., and travel to at least 100 cities in the next year, Disney officials said Tuesday.

Daily Buzz 3/13/07
    Hilary D. dons fishnets and gets saucy on London stage

Showbiz Buzz 3/12/07 Pages: 2 3
    Welcome to Showbiz Buzz, our new weekly column that give you a big scoop of, well, scoop, on everything happening in entertainment

Daily Buzz 3/10/07
    Johnny Depp's daughter is getting better, find out what happened to her.

Teen Talks To: Robert Adamson
    CUTE actor alert. Teen talks to: "Liberty Heights" star, Robert Adamson

Daily Buzz 3/8/07
    Vanessa Minnillo's new gigs, Johnny Depp's daughter taken ill.

Watch This Face: Steffani Brass
    get to know a little about girl talk tv star Steffani Brass

Daily Buzz 3/7/07
    Joel Madden wanted by Beverly Hills cops? Britney dealing with PPD, not addiction?

Daily Buzz 3/6/07
    Laguna Beach's Jason Arrested for underage drinking and resisting arrest

Showbiz Buzz 3/5/07 Pages: 2 3
    tv show spolers, hot celeb news, gossip

Daily Buzz 3/2/07
    Angelina and Brad to adopt again

Daily Buzz 3/1/07
    The O.C. is gone but Adam Brody's career is heating up

Flight 29 Down's Final Episode
    flight 29 down's final episode

Daily Buzz 2/28/07
    Breaking Celeb News - Young Hollywood's Top Earning Stars

Showbiz Buzz 2/26/07 Pages: 2 3
    Showbiz Buzz - TV Listings, Spoilers, Celebrity News and Gossip

Daily Buzz 2/27/07
    post oscar celebrations, victoria's secret in south beach

Daily Buzz 2/26/07
    academy award rewind, red carpet

Oscar Pictures!
    red carpet photos from the red carpet

Daily Buzz 2/25/07
    Paris Hilton celebrates her 26th birthday again at a restaurant in beverly hills, california.

Daily Buzz 2/23/07
    American Idol Round 1 Voting Results Rudy Cardenas, Paul Kim, Amy Krebs and Nicole Tranquillo sent home.

Daily Buzz 2/22/07
    Britney Spears checks out of rehab

Daily Buzz 2/20/07
    Britney Spears voluntarily checks in to rehab. Good idea. Read more...

Daily Buzz 02/19/07
    Paris parties at the Las Vegas Hard Rock to celebrate her 26th birthday

Showbiz Buzz 02/19/07 Pages: 2 3
    tv spoilers, tv listings, celebrity gossip for teens

Daily Buzz 02/18/07
    Britney's hair for sale...

Daily Buzz 02/17/07
    Britney Spears enters and leaves rehab, Lindsay Lohan leaves rehab, shaves head, cameron diaz and djimon hounsou hook up

Stars Confess Their Secret Stories Pages: 2 3
    stars confessions

Daily Buzz 02/16/07
    beyonce is the first ever non model to grace the cover of the famed Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

Daily Buzz 02/15/07
    Meet the 24 "American Idol" semifinalists...

Daily Buzz 2/14/07
    breaking celeb news

Daily Buzz 2/12/07
    the grammys, jessica simpson and john mayer admit to being together!

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