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15 Tips to Help You Feel Pretty! Pages: 2 3 4 5 6

How To Tweeze Your Brows

Cure Bad Breath!

Stop Your Face From Shining!

How To Make Every Day a Good Hair Day Pages: 2 3
    Make Everyday a Good Hair Day

Summer Hair: How to Get Great Looks
    Summer hairstyles: The pros share their how-to styling tips with Teenmag.

Eyebrow How-To
    Teen gives tips on how to tweeze your eyebrows.

My arms are so hairy it makes me SICK!

Hair on My Stomach!
    I have hair on my tummy, what can I do about it? It's swimsuit season after all!

Both oily and dry hair
    Hair Q&A -- Both oily and dry hair

How can I reduce the redness of my zits?
    How can I reduce the redness of my zits?

I've damaged my hair
    I've damaged my hair by highlighting and frosting it myself. How can I get my original color back?

My hair gets frizzy when I blow-dry
    How to blow dry your hair without getting the frizzies.

The Best Time to Get a Facial
    When's the best time to get a facial?

Hot rollers for African-American hair
    The best Hot Rollers for African American Hair

Split ends
    All about split ends.

How to get great lashes
    How to get great lashes

Oily skin
    I've got a problem: My face won't stop shining. Please help me find a cure.