To Teen Magazine:

I ___________________ hereby give permission to my daughter _______________, to become a part of Teen magazine's V.I.T. reader editor team.

I understand that as a member of V.I.T., my daughter will be asked to share her thoughts and opinions on a variety of subjects with the staff of Teen magazine, which may, in turn, print them in the magazine or use them on and other sites and media where Teen-branded material appears. Her statements may be attributed to her or used in an aggregated fashion. I hereby grant Teen the right to contact my daughter by email, mail or telephone.

I further understand that ALL V.I.T. members are required to submit a color photograph of themselves and that by so doing my daughter's name and likeness may be used in print, online and in all other media.

My daughter may also receive products in the mail and be asked to formulate opinions about them ­ requiring her to actually use/apply makeup and other products. By granting my consent for my daughter to participate in Teen's V.I.T. reader editor, I hereby release Teen and its affiliates from all claims, liabilities and causes of action arising in connection with use of the makeup and other products.

I acknowledge that granting this permission does not obligate Teen to include my daughter on the V.I.T. team.

V.I.T. member info (please print)

Please mail entry and photo to:
3000 Ocean Park Blvd, Ste 3048
Santa Monica CA 90405

Be sure to include a professionally printed/high-quality,
color photo with your submission.  Applications received without
a high quality photo could be automatically disqualified.

Name ____________________________	Phone_____________________________

Address (no PO Boxes please)		City, State and ZIP Code		
_________________________________       ___________________________________

Birthdate _______________________	Age _______________________________

Email ___________________________	Fave color ________________________

Fave animal _____________________	Fave sport ________________________

Mac or PC_________________________	Shoe size___________________________ 

Parent's signature  ______________________________

Parent's Name (please print)____________________________

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