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Didn't you hear? It's miss-match day!
-Ashley, 13, Wisconsin
"Eww! Did i just eat a spider?!"
–Cynthia R., Massachusetts
Vanessa, I think they meant something different by "casual"...
-Valerie, 14, Virgina
Okay, all we have to do is keep on dressing this hideously, and the paparazzi will never bother us by trying to take pictures
-Sammy, 14, New Jersey
It takes hours to look like we just rolled out of bed!
Amelia, 15, Washington
"This will be a nice pic for the tabloids."
-Becky D., PA
Oh snap! Vanessa, we forgot to change out of our pajamas!
-Stephanie, 14, Illinois
This is what we'd ALWAYS look like if we weren't rich and famous.
-Lynn, NYC
This week's photo: Ashley and Vanessa go slumming...

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