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How To Make Every Day a Good Hair Day

When it comes to styling products, less is definitely better. "Most people use way too much gel or mousse," says Rocky Lyons, owner of Lyons Salon in Miami, Florida. "That's why their hair doesn't work." You'll have to experiment to find the right amount, he says, but a good starting point, for medium-thick, shoulder-length hair is to use 3/4 teaspoon of gel or a golf- ball-sized dollop of mousse. Adjust the amount if your hair is shorter or longer.

For volume, lift hair at the roots.

"You get 90 percent of fullness from the first inch of hair at the scalp," says Chenzo Balsamo, owner of Chenzo & Co. Salon in Boca Raton, Florida. Use a vent brush or extend your fingers to lift sections of hair two to three inches upward. (Ends will dry as you work your roots, and you'll have more tousled body if they finish drying on their own.)

Go easy with mega-hold gels, mousses or sprays.
You may think high hold levels work better for finer or straight hair, but they can weigh hair down, making it look limp and greasy. Try a light-to-medium hold product, like Dep Alcohol-Free Spray Gel Extra Shine with Light Control.

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